This lesson will teach you how to use social media sites, where you have partial control of the content, to improve your Brand SERP.

What you will learn from this lesson:

  1. Which Social platforms Google favors show in a Brand SERPs
  2. What key factors Google looks for in your social media accounts
  3. How to create a social media profile that will rank on your Brand SERP
  4. Why it is vital to maintain a healthy Twitter account (clue: it feeds straight into Google)
  5. What Rich Element only Twitter can offer you
  6. How to manage the information from your Facebook account on your Brand SERP
  7. How reviews affect your Facebook account’s Google ranking
  8. How to keep your Facebook profile up to date, manageable, and optimised
  9. What information from YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest Google displays on your Brand SERP

Summary of the lesson: Improving your Social Accounts

“Social media sites are great candidates for ranking on your Brand SERP.”

Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy)

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to improve social media that you partially control. These sites are very relevant to people googling your brand name, so Google often favours these pages on Brand SERPs. Additionally, you have a significant amount of control over what appears on your profile page when someone clicks the blue link in the SERP and visits the homepage of your social media account.

That makes social media profile pages amongst the most important contributors to your Brand SERP.

This lesson explains what you need to do, and what strategies you can implement to make best use of your social media accounts. For instance, the most important factor Google considers with social media accounts in the context of Brand SERPs is audience engagement, so Jason explains what you need to focus on for that in this lesson.

A brand’s social account is always a pretty good candidate for ranking on the Brand SERP, but a social account with a lot of engagement from a relevant audience is a GREAT candidate. In this lesson you’ll learn how to turn a good social media account into a GREAT one !

If you want a particular social media account to appear in your Brand SERP, you need to make sure that account is truly relevant and valuable to your target audience. By doing that, you’ll ensure that your audience engages with you on that social platform. And that will help make your social media strategy more effective across the board: choosing the best social platform and building your social media accounts to serve your Brand SERP in this way is an amazing springboard that will allow you to interact with existing clients and build a broader audience that is truly interested in what you have to offer.

As always, Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) explains the techniques, tactics and strategies in video format, with accompanying slides to better illustrate his explanations. All lessons offer English subtitles, so the lessons are easy to follow, even if English isn’t your first language. Jason provides additional resources from around the web so that you can expand your learning beyond Brand SERPs!

What’s in each lesson in this course?

  1. Introduction (Brand SERPs Foundation Course)
  2. Optimising Your Homepage
  3. Triggering and Optimising Rich Sitelinks
  4. Improving the Results You Control
  5. Improving Your Social Accounts
  6. Improving Other Results You Partially Control
  7. Improving the Results You do not Control
  8. SEO Tactics You’ll Need
  9. Optimising Google Ads
  10. Tactics to Avoid and Mistakes Not to Make