In this lesson you will learn the foundation to make your Brand SERP look better and more presentable.

What you will learn from this lesson:

  1. A brief introduction about the easy steps to take to make your Brand SERP look presentable;
  2. The tricks and techniques to quickly and easily optimise your Brand SERP;
  3. The importance of your Bottom Line to create a beautifully polished Brand SERP;
  4. And the basics that will allow most brands to make their SERP more attractive, positive and accurate.

Summary of the lesson: Introduction (Brand SERPs Foundation Course)

A good Brand SERP is good for your bottom line. A GREAT Brand SERP is GREAT for your bottom line.

Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy)

In this lesson you’ll learn that you don’t have to be an expert to design your “Google Business Card” to look attractive and convincing (and you’ll understand how this course delivers on that promise 🙂 Importantly, nothing in this course is too technical or too difficult for any marketer to implement. If you carefully follow the steps Jason provides in this course, your Brand SERP will look a little better in just a few hours and MUCH better in a week or two.

This course also covers the most accessible tips, tricks, and techniques you need for quickly and simply optimising your Brand SERP. You’ll learn what you can do to optimise each aspect of your Brand SERP in every situation. The foundation course in the Brand SERP series will teach you the techniques, tactics, and strategies you can use to make your Brand SERP positive, attractive, and compelling to your bottom-of-funnel audience.

And there a lots and lots of additional resources you can use! Every lesson in this course contains a video where Jason explains what you need to do… but you’ll also get access to additional information and help: links to hand-curated external resources, additional videos and articles. Be sure to check these out so you can get the most out of each lesson and avoid missing opportunities or making foolish mistakes.

As always, Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) explains the techniques, tactics and strategies in video format, with accompanying slides to better illustrate his explanations. All lessons offer English subtitles, so the lessons are easy to follow, even if English isn’t your first language. Jason provides additional resources from around the web so that you can expand your learning beyond Brand SERPs!

What’s in each lesson in this course?

  1. Introduction (Brand SERPs Foundation Course)
  2. Optimising Your Homepage
  3. Triggering and Optimising Rich Sitelinks
  4. Improving the Results You Control
  5. Improving Your Social Accounts
  6. Improving Other Results You Partially Control
  7. Improving the Results You do not Control
  8. SEO Tactics You’ll Need
  9. Optimising Google Ads
  10. Tactics to Avoid and Mistakes Not to Make