In this lesson, you will learn how to save money on Google Ads for branded search queries.

What you will learn in this lesson:

  1. Three good reasons to put Google Ads on your Brand SERP
  2. What you lose when your competitors bid on your brand name
  3. How optimising your own Google Ads can disadvantage your competitors
  4. How to remove your competitors’ campaigns from your Brand SERP
  5. How and why you need to protect your trademark in Google Ads
  6. Understand the three pillars of the quality rating mechanism in Google Ads
  7. What you need to focus on to save yourself money
  8. How to organise your campaign to fit the audience (and why that saves you money)
  9. Which bidding strategy to use for your ad campaign
  10. How to write branded copy that saves you money

Summary of the lesson: Optimising Google Ads

In this lesson, you’ll learn the top three reasons for placing Google Ads on your Brand SERP. Importantly, you decide what you want to appear in your ads, and Google serves those ads because you pay for them, so you have full control over making sure your brand message appears as you intend, front and centre, right at the top of your Brand SERP. That makes Google Ads a quick and easy starting point to improve your Brand SERP.

With Google Ads, your goal is to place your ad that matches the user’s search intent in the highest possible positions in the search results. Jason explains the mechanisms for achieving this, making this lesson a great opportunity for you to understand Google Ads. 

He then takes that knowledge and applies it to the specific case of Brand SERPs. 

So, in this lesson you’ll learn everything you need to properly optimise Google Ads for your Brand SERP, improve your branded Ad campaigns, save money AND reduce the profitability of your competitors bidding on your Brand SERP.

The techniques you’ll learn from Jason can easily save you 30% on your Google Ads budget for branded terms, and that means this lesson alone will pay for the cost of the full course.

As always, Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) explains the techniques, tactics and strategies in video format, with accompanying slides to better illustrate his explanations. All lessons offer English subtitles, so the lessons are easy to follow, even if English isn’t your first language. Jason provides additional resources from around the web so that you can expand your learning beyond Brand SERPs!

What’s in each lesson in this course?

  1. Introduction (Brand SERPs Foundation Course)
  2. Optimising Your Homepage
  3. Triggering and Optimising Rich Sitelinks
  4. Improving the Results You Control
  5. Improving Your Social Accounts
  6. Improving Other Results You Partially Control
  7. Improving the Results You do not Control
  8. SEO Tactics You’ll Need
  9. Optimising Google Ads
  10. Tactics to Avoid and Mistakes Not to Make