Simple SEO Techniques to Optimise your Brand SERP.

These tactics, techniques, and strategies are easy to implement – anyone can do this. They work for your Brand SERP, and also for your wider SEO strategy.

What you will learn in this lesson:
  1. A mini SEO course in the context of Brand SERP
  2. Major factors you need to look at in SEO
  3. Your quick guide to SEO before 2013
  4. What Rich Elements you can apply standard SEO tactics to
  5. What are the most important SEO tactics for your Brand SERP
  6. Technical SEO techniques that will directly improve your Brands SERP
  7. Non-technical SEO levers that you can use to easily improve your Brand SERP
  8. What content you should focus on for your SEO strategy (Brand SERP or not)
  9. How to improve your overall digital ecosystem
  10. How Google evaluates all the content from across digital ecosystem

Summary of the lesson: SEO Tactics You’ll Need

In this lesson, Jason explains the most important factors to consider when it comes to SEO and the key SEO tactics that will help you to optimise your Brand SERP more effectively.

At its core, SEO is the process of improving your website to make it more attractive to Google by demonstrating its value to the end users. Jason’s definition: “SEO is the Art and Science of convincing search engines like Google to recommend your content to their users as the best, most authoritative, and most comprehensive solution to their problem”.

SEO expands marketing opportunities and increases the reach of your brand by attracting a larger number of potential clients from Google. But these techniques and tactics we use for SEO are an incredibly powerful tool for Brand SERP optimisation too!

Since Google’s algorithms are changing almost constantly, it’s important to know both the technical and non-technical basics to ensure the content you want to rank on your Brand SERP is performing optimally. It’s important to focus on these aspects so that you can influence (almost control) what Google shows your audience when they search your brand name. The trick here is to use SEO to help Google better understand what you want to display on your Brand SERP.

In this lesson, you’ll learn SEO tactics and techniques that will both help you to better control your Brand SERP and also help you enormously in your wider SEO strategy. Additionally, these SEO techniques are also great levers to easily improve your content and overall digital ecosystem. This work on your SEO will send a strong signal to Google that your content is fresh, valuable, useful, and will be appreciated by your audience.

As always, Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) explains the techniques, tactics and strategies in video format, with accompanying slides to better illustrate his explanations. All lessons offer English subtitles, so the lessons are easy to follow, even if English isn’t your first language. Jason provides additional resources from around the web so that you can expand your learning beyond Brand SERPs!

What’s in each lesson in this course?

  1. Introduction (Brand SERPs Foundation Course)
  2. Optimising Your Homepage
  3. Triggering and Optimising Rich Sitelinks
  4. Improving the Results You Control
  5. Improving Your Social Accounts
  6. Improving Other Results You Partially Control
  7. Improving the Results You do not Control
  8. SEO Tactics You’ll Need
  9. Optimising Google Ads
  10. Tactics to Avoid and Mistakes Not to Make