What you will learn from this lesson:

  1. A brief introduction on how to deal with suboptimal content that’s sitting on page one of your Brand SERP;
  2. Improving the look of your Brand SERP and making your first impression counts;
  3. Leapfrogging unwanted content and pushing it off page one of your Brand SERP;
  4. Importance of keeping unwanted results down and removing them on your Brand SERP;
  5. Characteristic of suboptimal content;
  6. And creating a cushion of quality content to totally bury unwanted results off your Brand SERP.

As always, Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) explains the techniques, tactics and strategies in video format, with accompanying slides to better illustrate his explanations. All lessons offer English subtitles, so the lessons are easy to follow, even if English isn’t your first language. Jason provides additional resources from around the web so that you can expand your learning beyond Brand SERPs!

What’s in each lesson in this course?

  1. Introduction (Dealing with Negative Results)
  2. Dealing with Review Platforms
  3. Dealing with Forums
  4. Third Party Articles and Blogs
  5. Leapfrogging – Finding Opportunities
  6. Leapfrogging with Content You Control
  7. Leapfrogging with Results You Partially Control
  8. Leapfrogging with Content You Don’t Control
  9. Tactics to Avoid and Mistakes Not to Make