What you will learn from this lesson:

  1. Techniques for triggering Twitter boxes on your SERP;
  2. Types of tweets that Google will display on your SERP;
  3. Rules for improving your tweets for a wider audience you are trying to reach;
  4. Using the flywheel effect analogy to gain momentum and naturally get engagement for your brand;
  5. And the benefits of maintaining your tweets for your overall SEO strategy.

What’s in each lesson in this course ?

  1. Introduction (Rich Elements / SERP Features
  2. How Ranking Works (How Rich Elements Get Onto Your Brand SERP)
  3. Triggering and Optimising Image Boxes
  4. Triggering and Optimising Video Boxes
  5. Triggering and Maintaining Twitter Boxes
  6. Optimising for People Also Ask
  7. Tactics to Avoid and Mistakes Not to Make