What you will learn from this lesson:

  1. The importance of a coherent video strategy for highly relevant audiences;
  2. Important factors to consider for a good video strategy;
  3. Understanding the benefits of triggering video boxes for your SERP;
  4. Creating series of videos that bring multiple benefits to your homepage;
  5. Raising brand awareness through other platforms for a successful digital marketing strategy;
  6. Strategic planning of video content (choosing the right topics, formats, resolutions, platforms, etc.);
  7. Improving and optimising channels and videos on YouTube;
  8. Creating relevant video titles and descriptions on YouTube;
  9. And the benefits of utilising third-party videos for a more comprehensive SEO strategy.

What’s in each lesson in this course ?

  1. Introduction (Rich Elements / SERP Features
  2. How Ranking Works (How Rich Elements Get Onto Your Brand SERP)
  3. Triggering and Optimising Image Boxes
  4. Triggering and Optimising Video Boxes
  5. Triggering and Maintaining Twitter Boxes
  6. Optimising for People Also Ask
  7. Tactics to Avoid and Mistakes Not to Make