Triggering and Managing Knowledge Panels Course

Learn which tactics, techniques, and strategies will work for you to get a Knowledge Panel short term, how you can get into Google’s Knowledge Vault, and then how your entity can build confidence.

Course Features
  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • 75 additional learning resources
  • One year access
  • Certificate of Completion

What you’ll learn

  • Educating the Child that is Google
  • Getting a Knowledge Panel in Three Easy Steps
  • Building Your Entity Home
  • Writing Your Entity Description
  • Identifying the Relevant Corroborative Sources
  • The Non-Geeky Way to Join the Dots
  • The Powerful Geeky Way to Join the Dots
  • How Google’s Knowledge Graph Works
  • Six Knowledge Verticals that Trigger a Knowledge Panel
  • How to Claim a Knowledge Panel (and When You Shouldn’t)
  • How to Change Information in a Knowledge Panel
  • What Information Does Google Show in Knowledge Panels?
  • The Three Google Knowledge Algorithms
  • The Google Knowledge Extraction Algorithm
  • How a Knowledge Panel is Built
  • Getting Your Entity Into Google’s Knowledge Vault
  • Getting your Knowledge Panel to Show on Your Brand SERP
  • Managing People Also Search For and Related Searches
  • How Google Chooses What Photos and Logos to Show
  • Building Google’s Confidence in You Entity

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