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Learn to Optimise Your Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel

The Kalicube Academy offers online video courses that will empower any business owner, brand manager, public relations team and SEO to optimise Brand SERPs and manage Knowledge Panels.

Your Tutor

Jason Barnard
(The Brand SERP Guy)

Online Courses

Easy Upskill for: Business Owners, Brand Managers, Public Relations and SEOs

Jason has been optimising Brand SERPs for himself and his clients since 2013. As a consultant, he now charges $400 an hour.

But 95% of Brand SERPs can be optimized without direct help from Jason.

Learn to Do It Yourself with these Brand SERP Courses

Great value – taking these will enable you to resolve most situations yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each Brand SERP course is valued €160.

Yes, we do. If you buy two courses, you can get the third for FREE.

You will be receiving the access immediately after you checkout. 

If you experience an unusual delay in receiving the access, please send us an email so that we can confirm your payment and you will receive it within 24 hours (but usually much faster).

No. You will be getting one year access to every course you purchase. 

Some results are a few days from implementation to results on the SERP (homepage, social media, Rich Sitelinks), others take a few weeks (third party articles, reviews, People Also Ask…) and some will take months (Video boxes, Twitter Boxes, …)

Not yet. Courses for Knowledge Panels will be coming in 2022.

No, but we can recommend agencies that effectively use Kalicube strategies/techniques/platforms who can DEFINITELY help you.

What’s New in Kalicube Academy?

Best seller !

Jason is clearly THE expert on Brand SERP SEO.

The Fundamentals course is laid out clearly and packed with information for SEO practitioners of all expertise levels (even absolute beginners).

And as an unexpected bonus, Jason went above and beyond what was offered in the course and kindly made himself available for some follow up questions, giving us some really helpful tailored advice for our specific case.

Wendy Kirwan
Director of Communications at Kars4Kids
I’m always learning. Even on the move!
Thanks for this course @jasonbarnard you share some incredible tips ????????

Suganthan Mohanadasan
Co-founder of Snippet Digital + Keyword Insights
Jason’s courses are a clinic in highly pertinent and useful information presented in a way that catches your attention and keeps you engaged! 

Great value for money and 100% recommended.

Mordy Oberstein
Head Of Communications at Semrush
With 20 years of experience in SEO I’d pretty much thought I was beyond taking courses.
Keeping up via news and podcasts certainly, but not courses. Never have I been so happy to be wrong.

Jason’s Brand SERP Course is like a
Disney Fastpass, it dramatically speeds up
the process of getting from where you are
to the awesomeness on the other side.
Dave Davies
Co-founder of Oohloo Internet Marketing

Still Unsure?

Enroll (for free), then discuss with Jason which course(s) you’ll need … But whatever you do, don’t delay: