Learn From
The Brand SERP Guy Himself

Jason Barnard (The Brand SERP Guy) has been optimizing Brand SERPS and managing Knowledge Panels for his clients since 2013.

In these courses, Jason shares with you the simple techniques and strategies he knows work. The techniques you’ll learn from Jason require no SEO previous skills or knowledge.

Brand SERPs Foundation Course

Course Content

Optimising Your Homepage
Triggering and Optimising Rich Sitelinks
Improving the Results You Control
Improving Your Social Accounts
Improving Other Results You Partially Control
Improving the Results You Do Not Control
SEO Tactics You’ll Need
Optimising Google Ads

  • 2h 32min


Rich Elements (SERP Features)

Course Content

How Ranking Works (How Rich Elements Get Onto Your Brand SERP)
Triggering and Optimising Image Boxes
Triggering and Optimising Video Boxes
Triggering and Maintaining Twitter Boxes
Optimising for People Also Ask

  • 1h 55min​


Removing Negative Results

Course Content

Dealing with Review Platforms
Dealing with Forums
Third Party Articles and Blogs
Leapfrogging  – Finding Opportunities
Leapfrogging With Content You Control
Leapfrogging With Results You Partially Control
Leapfrogging With Content You Don’t Control
Tactics to Avoid and Mistakes Not to Make

  • 1h 56 min


Triggering and Managing Knowledge Panels

Course Content

Educating the Child that is Google
Getting a Knowledge Panel in Three Easy Steps
Building Your Entity Home
Writing Your Entity Description
Identifying the Relevant Corroborative Sources
The Non-Geeky Way to Join the Dots
The Powerful Geeky Way to Join the Dots
How Google’s Knowledge Graph Works
Six Knowledge Verticals that Trigger a Knowledge Panel
How to Claim a Knowledge Panel (and When You Shouldn’t)
How to Change Information in a Knowledge Panel
What Information Does Google Show in Knowledge Panels?
The Three Google Knowledge Algorithms
The Google Knowledge Extraction Algorithm
How a Knowledge Panel is Built
Getting Your Entity Into Google’s Knowledge Vault
Getting your Knowledge Panel to Show on Your Brand SERP
Managing People Also Search For and Related Searches
How Google Chooses What Photos and Logos to Show
Building Google’s Confidence in Your Entity

  • 5h​


What to Expect From These Courses.